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  • Minimum installation time
  • automatic draw-out
  • low operating expenses
  • strong hauling capacity
  • high driving speed
  • capable, worldwide used product

The innovative WOODLINER has enormous economic and technical advantages in comparison to other conventional cable carriers. It is a remote controlled self driving wagon which can be operated without pulling, additional and return cables. The wagon WOODLINER is suitable for downhill transport to a combination machine MOUNTY and also as a wagon in combination with other cable systems. It can be used for uphill wood transport and is especially useful for horizontal and downhill wood transport.

Kinds of transport

Transport with WOODLINER in comparison to conventional units

1. Conventional transport methods
Components: cable crane with winches for carrying cable, pulling cable, return cable and aid cable, universal wagon, 2-3 operators required

2. Transport with system WOODLINER
Components: tension cable, wagon WOODLINER, 2 operators.

Konrad Woodliner Transport

Konrad Woodliner Transport


Technical Data


pulling power 25-30 kN
driving power 73,5 kW/100 PS
driving speed 0-6 m/Sek
carrying cable diameter 22 mm
pulling cable 12 mm
pulling cable 80 m

Konrad Woodliner In Action

Konrad Woodliner In Action

Konrad Woodliner In Action

Konrad Woodliner In Action

Konrad Woodliner In Action

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